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A message from Nikki, Head Cake Decorator

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As the season winds down, it gives me a chance to play with new ideas. I've had several of them bouncing around in my head lately. During this past wedding season, I enjoyed the fancy festooned designs, here's a look at the different features I liked with that trend. I especially liked the idea of putting the main design element on the side of the cake, it's a little different but makes the cake feel like a center piece.

The swagged cake design is also fun to create. I took a super fancy idea and played it down a bit by laying the design out freehand. It gave me a break from the rigid perfection often demanded by a wedding cake while still allowing for all the bells and whistles. The slight imperfections make this cake homey and approachable. This would make a great cake for a cocktail party or backyard wedding.

The diagonal striped design is something I saw more and more throughout the past wedding season. The stripes adds a bit of detail without overpowering the cake, a great detail if your cake design includes a different element on each tier. With the striped cake in this ensamble I added a fabric stitch detail, which I think gave the cake a clean finish. This too would make a great centerpiece cake, it would also make a classy birthday cake for a man.

Finally I finished the last cake with a hint of bubble detail. I wanted to create a pattern completely stripped down but remaining elegant. I love the periwinkle and white combination, a very simple color combination that fits all seasons. I gave the cake an all over shimmer finish to really make it stand out. This cake would make a nice grouping cake, it matches the feel and design aspect of the other cakes without being overpowering.

You make get to read more notes from the cake room this winter, I have many ideas that I am looking to pursue. If you have a fancy party in your future and you're looking for something simple but elegant, drop by and give us your party colors and theme. We would be up for the challenge and happy to provide you with exciting party cakes.

Head Cake Decorator
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